Your kind generosity changes lives, 

both locally and internationally!

North Modesto has partnered with the following missionaries and programs to help share the Gospel of Christ:

The Torgeson's: Regional Connectors for Latin America

Children of Promise

Modesto Gospel Mission

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The Torgeson's

Serving as regional connectors in Latin America, Jason and Abby are responsible for directing the work of Global Strategy missionaries and projects in Latin America and for working in partnership with the leadership of CIID (Confraternidad Interamericana de la Iglesia de Dios), the body of leaders from across the Church of God. 

Read their newsletter and story here!

Children of Promise

As stated on their website, Children of Promise was created

"'…to be an extension of the local congregation in the village or city.

It is designed to provide long-term relationship between the church members and the children and their families, rather than between an organization and a child. It is a holistic approach in which we want to impact a child’s life over an extended period of time.'"

For more information, check out their website or watch their video and subscribe to their monthly newsletter: "You Make Wholeness Possible"!

Modesto Gospel Mission

Located in central Modesto, the Modesto Gospel Mission provides a variety of services and programs to help the homeless within our community. 

Their services include: 

daily shelter




Bible studies

life skills classes

employment training and assistance

addiction recovery

a medical clinic

and more!

For more information and to volunteer, check out their website here.